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Book Club

Looking for a porthole into how middle schoolers think? Want to encourage a love of reading in your child? Desperate to prevent that infamous “summer slide”? Or, and be honest now - are you just hunting for a reason to eat a legendary Honest Abe donut?

Look no further! We’ve made it easy and fun to host your own The League and The Lantern Book Club by following these simple steps:

1) Pick a meeting date and invite 5 of your son’s or daughter’s friends. If they need any convincing, point them to the cool website and remind them that here will be amazing Honest Abe Donuts served.

2) Order your book club bundle here. Every book club bundle includes 5 books plus a 6th book free for the host!

In addition to your 6 books, your Book Club Kit also includes:

  • a Discussion Guide

  • a Dangerous Delbert’s logo sticker label for the donut box

  • an Honest Abe Donut Topping adhesive label to apply to a whipped cream can

(You’ll need to supply your own whipped cream can)

The League and The Lantern Book Club

3) Attempt all manner of methods to keep from biting your nails and set a strict bedtime to prevent burning all-nighters as you enjoy reading the book.

4) See the Bonus Stuff for links to buying Honest Abe donuts. Place the “Dangerous Delbert’s” label on your bakery box. Buy a can of whipped cream and replace its label with the adhesive Honest Abe Topping label. (Yes, “making” these world-famous – okay, book-famous – treats is that easy.)

5) When your club meets, ask the group questions provided in the Discussion Guide booklet. Be prepared - there are some fun questions they’ll get to ask you as well. Here is a link to a video from Brian Wells answering some of the questions himself.

6)  Have fun.

7)  Now, for the only element of hosting the book club that is honestly difficult – besides sharing confined space with 5+ sweaty middle schoolers – waiting impatiently for the sequel. Try to keep busy.

8) Send us a picture of your book club group and we’ll add it to this page! Email your photos to



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